What do you know about playing Soccer?

The Soccer Rookie page is maxed out with all kinds of soccer rule books, soccer videos, soccer DVDs, games and movies. This soccer rookie page is all about you, all about your development. Getting a firm understanding of the soccer rules, soccer fundamentals and the equipment to use for an awesome soccer experience. We are here to help with any of your soccer needs so check out all we have to offer.

Soccer Rules

Unlike other sports where the rules change every season, soccer is very conservative. The rules of the game are called The Laws and can only be changed by a meeting of representatives from the world governing body Fifa . That makes changes rare and the rules are fairly straight forward. So it becomes easy for the soccer rookie to understand.

For me playing with my mates in the park began my journey of learning the basic soccer rules. In my experience the soccer rookie is best served by having fun kicking the ball around with some mates and you can be assured that whilst having fun the soccer rookie is developing their knowledge of the soccer rules and developing their soccer skills. The visual learning of soccer rules by seeing how your mates play or watching the professionals play in the league on TV is a valuable tool for the soccer rookie.

The soccer rookie will learn that playing soccer is all about honing your soccer skills practicing soccer drills and getting to know the rules of the game. I love soccer drills to the max because they are a fun and easy way to improve on your soccer skills. All soccer coaches feel that soccer skills are important to the player and to the team. A soccer player must possess a soccer skill set that helps the player's confidence and the team to succeed. Through the years soccer has been a big part of our lives and one other way to enjoy it as a soccer rookie is to learn the soccer rules in the format of soccer video games. Soccer video games are becoming a more popular way to engage the sport and for the soccer rookie is a good off the field activity. It's awesome. What can I say I love soccer! Youthful Soccer My dad who was a keen soccer player always encouraged me that I would never stop learning the game. A soccer rookie's secret is that as long as one had a teachable heart, soccer has that ability to shape you as a person. So I implore you to take advantage of the soccer rookie soccer rule books soccer drills dvds soccer skills dvds and soccer video games on offer in your quest to know the ins and outs of soccer.


Soccer Rules

Every sport has rules that govern the game to ensure fair play. Soccer rules are important to get to know and understand. This is the basic soccer rookie guide to understand the game.These are the following soccer rules and laws:

In soccer field must be a standard specific area between 100-130 yards in length and between 50-100 yards in width, unless you are playing in the park on a social level then you make up the rules.
- The number of players playing at one time is 11 but no fewer than 7. Unless the soccer format is different like 5 a side soccer where you would have 5 soccer players.


These are but just a few rules and as you browse through the materials offered on this page you will have a good knowledge of the soccer rules that govern the game of soccer.


Soccer Rules Book

If you are that technical person or coach looking to develop soccer rookies and players alike, who is keen to know about soccer rules that governs the game, then this is the section for you. Whether you are a soccer rookie, parent introducing your kid to soccer or a soccer coach wanting to brush up and keep up with the play on soccer rules I encourage you to have a look and see what's right for you. We have heaps of soccer rule books at your disposal enjoy!

Soccer DVDs

I don't know about you but I'm more of a visual kind of person who values things shown to me and that's what the soccer DVDs are all about. The value of soccer DVDs helps with technique in dribbling soccer skills, with things like how to take a penalty or learn how to take a free kick.
Soccer DVDs not only helps develop the soccer rookie but they also help the more advanced players. In this day and age soccer DVDs, media etc have a very important role in the development of soccer. They have the same goal but a different execution. In my opinion it is an easier way to engage with the soccer rules.

Soccer Training Books

You know the famous saying, "Practice makes perfect." In this section you will find all the soccer drills, how to shoot, dribble, tackle, take a free kick and practically all the fundamentals of soccer.
I am a big advocate on soccer drills and must say that soccer drills are important in producing top players. Soccer drills will allow you to create a fun and competitive soccer practice to prepare players for match competition. The soccer drills we provide will excite, challenge, and encourage players when coached properly. It will be through the repetition of soccer drills that player’s soccer skills will be refined and perfected.This is a soccer coach aid and parent's guide that I personally recommend every soccer rookie to have so as to brush up on your soccer skills.

Soccer Rules DVDs

Soccer DVDs are perfect for the demonstration of all the soccer fundamentals that are important to learn as a soccer player starting out. In this section you will get the know how, on all the soccer drills how to shoot, dribble, tackle, take a free kick and the like. It is a soccer coach aid and parent's guide to map out tactics and strategies to beat your opponent. I personally would recommend every soccer rookie to have soccer DVDs to brush up on their technique.

Soccer Entertainment DVDs

When you are off the pitch I discovered that another way to keep the soccer fire burning is to watch the game being played by professionals. Watching how your favourite icon takes that free kick, or how he passes the ball or better still dribbles past a defender always drops a golden nugget for you to pick up. Inspiration! everyone needs inspiration and what more than someone else story. I have been inspired by many soccer players but the one who most inspires me is a Brazilian footballer Ronaldhino, his soccer skills are just out of this world and the energy he brings to a team is simply outstanding. His soccer skill set is awe inspiring, he make you want to do more with the soccer ball. So watching someone's story is a good way to get inspired and also to bond with team mates and build a culture that would bring out the best in each other.

Soccer Video Games

Soccer video games is a growing craze that one must be a part of. This is one opportunity that you can actually be your soccer icon and play according to their strengths. I have found that it builds your confidence (or rather your ego) which doesn't hurt to have. The visual effects are amazing and it's entertaining and fun. Video games are another tool to use for team building and shaping a culture with a winning attitude. So check out our offers for your pleasure.



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