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With a fiery passion for soccer/football, it is my dream like every soccer enthusiast to provide top-notch soccer equipment, soccer apparel, soccer foot wear and basically everything needed in the world of soccer.

Why get into Soccer ?

Soccer is exhilarating, exciting, dramatic and of course the most popular sport on the planet. It's for all ages, ability and fitness level. There is always a type of soccer for you. Millions of people across the planet play, live and breathe soccer.
From playing with friends to watching their soccer icons on TV, it's a very addictive sport. Soccer provides a truly extensive variety of physical exercise, players are constantly running, kicking, dodging, sprinting, twisting and turning their bodies to increase endurance and promotes agility. It develops physical co-ordination and teamwork to name a few positives.

In this day and age, soccer as a sport is being promoted big time on bill boards, TV ads and on soccer apparel. Soccer also known as football is played on every continent, almost every back yard street and a simple story like mine will show you just why that is so.

My Story

Roy of the Rovers Comic

Soccer/football began for me at school reading a Roy of the Rovers comic book during my lunch break that changed my life for good.At first I didn't really think that a soccer comic book would have such an impact on my life because like all comic books they inspire you to to dream.By reading Roy of the Rovers I soon learnt how soccer became the most popular sport in England and around the world.
I read of his amazing soccer skills to dribble past three and sometimes four defenders, at the same time pick a spot to shoot at goal and curl the ball away from the keeper into the top left corner and the boisterous cheers from the amazing crowd. I found the soccer apparel in Roy's team and the soccer apparel of opposition teams quite appealing like the soccer apparel we find in teams today.
I wanted to be a soccer player and better still a soccer icon.I wanted to be Roy,in many ways he was and still is my soccer hero,but I tell you it was much bigger than that as I later discovered.You see I have learnt quite a few things from soccer/football that can be applied to everyday life like:

- Soccer/football encourages Life-long friendships.
- Soccer/football builds communication.
- Soccer/football is a team work game.
- Soccer/football helps to establish discipline.
- Soccer/football creates a good workout for my fitness.

Kids soccer fun Youth soccer was a period that our soccer skills began to develop and evolve. We played many a soccer/football game to hone those skills well into the evening until the street lights came on.
We divided into and we always picked our mates that were really good soccer players in our estimation because after all winning was everything. What can I say soccer is in the blood. As a 11 yr old I remember trying out for the school soccer team and was good enough to make it.I got to be a part of a soccer/football team to put on the school soccer apparel and represent was special and the great part of it all was that some of my mates made the team too.
It was then that I discovered soccer/football had an adventurous part to it. Winning and becoming a feared team and wearing the school soccer apparel kind of made us popular.Soccer/football took us every where and I loved the travel between schools and going to different areas meeting new people it was awesome!



High school soccer it was very different because competition was fierce and was gutted that I didn’t make the soccer / football school team. It felt like being given a red card and told you couldn’t continue with the game and I felt really stink about it. But hey, you know what they say, “keep on keeping on.”
So even when I didn’t make the school soccer/football team I still had my mates and we would play for fun at the park like we did when we were kids.This social kind of soccer opened up doors that I could never have imagined possible as it led to joining a social soccer/football team called Kaiser Wolves.

Goal Celebrations ! Kaiser Wolves F.C was a team that was made up of guys that played soccer in whatever format just so long as we got to play and have fun kicking a ball with mates. I remember our soccer apparel, it was blue, gold and black with a wolf on the front. I remember we had a soccer apparel bag for the team and the only soccer equipment we had were some cones and personal soccer cleats/boots. After a while it became quite competitive.
This was right up my street because I love a bit of competition. We would play every Saturday against other social soccer/football teams in the area and have a barbecue after and enjoy each other’s company. It was great! Another great thing about social soccer/football is that you don't have to have the soccer equipment professionals have.
Soccer apparel wasn't a major unless you had a sponsor. In fact one team would be shirtless and the other not. Don't get me wrong in a more organised social soccer/football league soccer apparel is important but not if you having neighborhood fun.Then some of the boys got to talking about maybe starting a team that would compete in the local soccer/football league.
It grew on us and before we knew it we were a part of a league and started at the very bottom and managed to work up a couple of divisions in a three-year period.I would never exchange any of the life experience that soccer has blessed me with and although that competitiveness is still there.
I still eat, drink and live soccer.To this day soccer lights a fire in my belly to get out there and have some fun with my mates.So let soccer do in you as it has done in me and be a part taker in this global phenomenon.



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Soccer Equipment

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Soccer Apparel

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Soccer Rookie

Is your Books and DVDs page if you are new to soccer/football and want to learn about how to play the game.There is insightful information for you to glean from to improve your soccer/football skills and have a good all round knowledge of how to get started. For parents and coaches soccer/football fundamentals ,drills and the like will help teach and inspire your kids and players alike. So have a peep and remember to bookmark this page.

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